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A chemical Peel is the perfect way to enhance and treat the skin for rejuvenation, help with skin problems from scarring to fine lines and wrinkles, and for anti-aging.

Chemical Peels consist of AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) or BHA's (Beta Hydroxy Acids), which both work by chemical exfoliation and resurfacing of the Epidermal layers resulting in the promotion of new cell growth, fresh blood circulation bringing nutrients and hydrating the skin and resurfacing any superficial issues with the skin.

Cosmetic Peels have become exremely popular due to their downtime and their noticeable results.

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Application Time





20% 35% 50%

30% 40% 50%

30% 40% 50%

10% 20% 30%

According to manufacturer's instructions

According to manufacturer's instructions

According to manufacturer's instructions

According to manufacturer's instructions


Chemical Peels can improve problem such as:  tired dull skin, skin that is sallow and lifeless and lacking that glow, ageing fine wrinkles and crepy skin as well some other skin conditions.





Problems on areas such as face, hands, body can include:



They are totally harmless but do prevent a flawless complexion and give an illusion of age. Wrinkles are a common process in the ageing factor are simply a cease within the skin.  These can be encouraged by UV damage (photo ageing), smoking, poor diet, specific facial expressions, poor hydration etc.  Wrinkles can be catogorised into fine lines or deep furrows.  The fine lines are targeted but the deep furrows are too large and only surgery can fix.  Glycolic reduces visibility of fine lines



When the dermis is damaged it is unable to regenerate new pores and follicles so a scar is formed.




Skin loses its elasticity as we age resulting in sagging, folds and wrinklesAs we age the skin tends to fall south.  Chemical peels restore some elasticity in prevention only.


Crepy Skin

This is reflected by fine lines which are caused when the skin elasticity becomes slacker therefore

tightening with Chemical Peels are advised.



Stretch Marks

This is when the skin has been overstretched beyond its elasticity range.  The silver marks are actually flat scarring.  Chemical Peels can be help scarring, stretch marks will be more effectively treated when still red and quite new.


Age Spots

These are caused by a cluster of melanin cells release in one go. These can be flat to the skin or slightly raised.



Rosacea appear mainly on areas of the face such as nose, cheeks and sometimes on chin and forehead.  This condition is progressive and first signs are flushing followed by red spots with red skin due to broken blood vessels.   Women are more likely to suffer (age 30-40) and if severe can affect areas such as nose (disorientated size and shape) and eye (swelling dry & painful).


Forehead Lines

Caused by loosening of the skins elasticity as well as collagen depletion.  Repetitive movement of the forehead, such as raising eyebrows & frowning will stretch the skin even more resulting in lines.


Acne Scars

Acne scars come in various forms, there are pitted (boxed), rolling and ice pick. These are medically classed as atrophic (sunken inc chickenpox scars)  Chemical Peels will help the appearance of all three, but no significant difference to ice pick scars without surgery. If quite new may fade on own accord due to excess collagen being produced but after 2 years they are classed as permanent damage


Keloid Scar

These are a result of over production of collagen.  It is more common in the darker skins.  These are usually hypertrophic (raised) and cause a bump. Some keloid scars are still active and can carry on growing as the collagen is still being produced.



Blackhead can be either visible randomly or in a cluster in an oily area.  The formation of blackhead has nothing to do with hygiene.  They are professional referred to as open comedones which are sebaceous follicles that are blocked with over production of sebum (oil).  Which this mixes with dead skin cells and dust to thicken, and then the darkening appears on the surface due to the fact that oxygen cannot enter the plugged pores.  AHA's worK by removing the surface and unclogging the pores especially Salicylic Acid.

c AHA's v BHA's d

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's) both work in desquamation and removes excess skin which allows new skin cells to function.   AHA's work more on dissolving the skin whereas BHA's munch away at it and can get down as far as the oil gland.


AHA's are used more in anti-ageing and the BHA's can munch away at the sebum/oil, so is very popular on acne skin.  Yet you cannot use on grade I acne (can spread the pus).  Most AHA's are from fruit acids and salicylic acid is from the bark of a willow tree (similar to the composition of aspirin).






  • Concentrating on certain areas that are more damaged .e.g sunspots.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the area to avoid and contamination or debris mixing with the skin.
  • A good technique will be well organised, methodical and cautious
  • The application technique used should be steady, precise and smooth.
  • In order to see the condition of the skin, position of the lamp can be positioned appropriately. Additional lighting in the room can be used to improve visibility and prevent shadows.


  • The History of Chemical Peels
  • What are their uses
  • Chemical Peel Strengths
  • AHA's & BHA's
  • Trial and treat using some of the best known Cosmetic Peels
  • Related A&P
  • Health & Safety
  • After-Care
  • Contra-indications and Risk Assessment
  • Choosing a Range
  • Achieving Results
  • Establishing a Treatment Plan



Arrive at 10am for informal chat and cup of tea. Expect to work until 5pm approx and bring lunch for a short break.



The National ABT (Advanced Beauty Therapists) will issue a Nationally recognised certification. A small question and answer paper and 2 case studies will be completed by the student prior to this



Proof of past certification in a Nationally recognised Facial course and an NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Facial unit. The AATT provide both of these short courses which will allow you to progress onward quickly.

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