WELCOME TO THE ADVANCED WORLD OF MESO-THERAPY AND COSMETOLOGY -Booster Serums that do not require needles but create the same results.

In 1990 the world of Cosmetology made a significant difference to the Skincare regime of every Woman across the world. Cosmetology is advanced skin care, which is results driven in both Technology and ingredient and the most prescriptive product you can use without requiring a Prescription.

Now when a woman goes for a facial treatment, she has specific and structured ones that can help with her targeted problem areas such as superficial fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, redness. Not only that but signs of ageing can be delayed and often reversed.

With progressive technological development in Stem Cell cultivation and ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 and Retinal Palmitate the anti-ageing industry is at its most advanced.

Combining these serums with other treatments can have astonishing results:

Revolutionary Princess Pen

The Pen uniquely inserts products deep within the epidermis without the use of an injection (think of an insulin pen used for diabetics), then you have a precious jewel in anti-ageing at your fingertips.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Using Lymphatic Drainage Techniques and to desquamate the epidermal layers will allow for deeper Penetration of serum into the skin leading to much more dramatic and improved results.

Cosmetic Needling and Derma Pen

By puncturing the skin and/or specific areas allows for deeper penetration of a serum leading to much Improved and longer lasting results.

Galvanic Electrical Facials

The Direct current and methods of desincrustation and iontophoresis allow for deeper penetration of A serum with much improved and longer lasting results.

Airbrush System

Once Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion has been given, the serum can then be inserted using an Airbrush system.

Since ancient times, scientists have been trying to create ways for product to penetrate deeper into the Skin (dermis). This is where the development of wrinkles and other age-related issues take place. By Using a serum alone, the application is only superficial. By using a serum with the above treatments prior to application will result in a 50% deeper penetration of product leading to results that can rival both injectables and surgical procedures.

No stranger to screen and stage, Deborah Jay Kelly’s success spans some 25 years when she started as a Beauty Correspondent and Journalist for National Magazines and Terrestrial Television.

CEO of The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training which she founded in 2003 she was able to pass on her beauty and skincare expertise to thousands of students.

Working as one of the most successful on-stage Fashion Presenter and Red-Carpet Host to the Celebrity World, she works in an industry where appearance means everything. More comfortable in a ballgown than in jeans, she started to research skincare both in Germany and the South of France which led to her working as an International Trainer for 5 Star Spa’s using Organic and Result Driven products which she was creating in her laboratory.

After extensive research she started to trial many of her outstanding products at The AATT and the results were phenomenal. ‘Having suffered from a debilitating illness for 10 years I feel that I want to reach out to those who may have suffered and recognise them for who they are’ says Deborah Jay Kelly who discovered that carcinogenic ingredients led to her illness.

On the 20th July 2019 she decided to launch her full range of products an elite invite only event televised event as the ‘Launch of Deborah Jay Kelly’s new chat show’ for Sky TV. It featured her new ‘Stem Cell Technology’ range under her banner of ‘Celebrity’ Red Carpet Skincare.

Having been a Red Carpet Host and Fashion Presenter for some 20 years she has the support of X- Factor Entertainers with Guest appearances from Big Brother, Love Island and Ex on the Beach. Film Directors and Actors and many Catwalk Models who have found results using her products.

Beauty Girls from the ‘Angel Academy of Teaching and Training’ were featured on ‘Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew’ with Ashley Banjo back in 2015.

Deborah has been an aspiration and worked relentlessly in the world of Multi Cultural integration which led To her being acknowledged as Being one of the first British women to win a BEFFTA for her contribution to the multi-cultural world 2018/2019.

Deborah wanted to create a range of skincare that was luxurious, results driven but also natural. The results of long term use for ingredients such as: Paraben, Propylene Glycol and Lanolin is not good at all.

‘The Problem is that most women are not told of the dangers of continued use of the ingredients within their skin care products which can actually lead to forms of Cancer, Auto-immune deficiencies and Accelerated ageing!’

There is also an issue of animal derivative being used in our products which can ruin the acid mantle and equilibrium of the skin

My Skin care range is Vegan, contains only nourishment for the skin BUT it also works wonders on the skin too.


Your alternative to Cosmetic Surgery is here and all available in a Jar


Celebrity Cleanser VEGAN** 

The Cleansing Jewel of Technology at your fingertips

Soft and luxurious skin cleanser for vibrant, healthy skin made with English Lavender. Gentle and

repairing facial cleansing formula. 100% Natural.


Celebrity Toner VEGAN** 

The Toning Jewel of Technology at your fingertips

Natural and gentle it can be used to help soothe sensitive skin. Ideal for use after sunburn or skin damage or as a luxurious skin tonic. 100% Natural.


Celebrity Facial Scrub VEGAN** 

The Jewel of Pure Desquamation at your fingertips

A Balancing Facial Scrub. Suitable for all skin types with Ground Almonds and Olive Kernels to exfoliate, moisturise and balance the skin. Beneficial properties for spot prone skin. 100% Natural.


Celebrity Facial Mask VEGAN** 

The Jewel of Pure Masking at your fingertips

Our rejuvenating face mask is both easily applied and removed, with sensational results. Combining Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Kaolin, the effects: the removal of impurities, a re-moisturising, a protection and a calming / cleansing result. Your skin will look renewed and invigorated with a fresh clean glow. 100% Natural


Celebrity Matrixyl Peptide Serum

The Anti-ageing Jewels of Technology at your fingertips

The Anti-ageing Revolution is on and reversing the signs of aging has never been so easy. Introducing the luxurious Matrixyl Serum using the ‘anti-ageing jewel ingredient’ Matrixyl 3000.

Celebrity Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Red Carpet Flawless Technology at your fingertips

The Anti-ageing Revolution is on and reversing the signs of ageing has never been so easy. Introducing the Celebrity anti-ageing Serum using the ‘advanced anti-ageing ingredient’ Hyaluronic Acid.

Celebrity VITAMIN C Youthful SERUM

Red Carpet Nourishment and Hydration at your fingertips

Vitamin C has long been used to promote health and wellbeing both internally and externally. It is naturally present in our skin but as we age it starts to deplete resulting in signs of ageing with a slower cell turnover and regeneration

 Celebrity Stem Cell Serum

Advanced Stem Cell Technology at your fingertips

The growing trend for cultivation of stem cells both in medical science to cutting-edge surgical procedures, stem cell technology has revolutionised the anti-ageing industry.


Celebrity Retinol Dynamo Moisturiser

The Anti-ageing Jewels of Technology at your fingertips

The Growing Trend has continued to grow after the discovery of using different strengths of Vitamin A for the use of anti-ageing. Retinol is pure Vitamin A.

Celebrity Matrixyl Peptide Moisturiser

The Anti-ageing Jewels of Technology at your fingertips

The Anti-ageing Revolution is on and reversing the signs of ageing has never been so easy. Introducing the Matrixyl Moisturiser using the ‘anti-ageing jewel ingredient’ Matrixyl 3000.

Celebrity Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser

Red Carpet Flawless Technology at your fingertips

The Anti-ageing Revolution is on and reversing the signs of ageing has never been so easy. Introducing the Celebrity anti-ageing Serum using the ‘advanced anti-ageing ingredient’ Hyaluronic Acid.

Collagen Celebrity Moisturiser                                                                       

Red Carpet Flawless Technology at your fingertips

Our Collagen cream with added pure Neroli is rich in natural Vitamin C to encourage your skin to produce natural Collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin.

Celebrity Velvet Moisture Primer

Red Carpet Flawless Make-Up Application at your fingertips

A favourite with Make-up Artistes around the World, once applied the silk ingredients will increase elastin production and superficial fine lines will be plumped out before your eyes.

Celebrity Men’s Range

Red Carpet Flawless Technology at your fingertips

Products available for men in Bespoke Packaging.

Celebrity Manicure & Pedicure Treatments 

Red Carpet Flawless Technology at your fingertips

Divine and Natural Products to nourish the hands and the feet.