Here are a few of hundreds of our students and their awesome Testimonials:

Becoming a passionate Beauty Therapist has always been my dream. Motherhood was one factor that slowed down the process but it never stopped me from achieving my goals. I spent three years with Carlton Institute doing my NVQ 2. After passing all my practical and theory papers I was told the company has liquefied before I got my certificates. I lost my money and my precious time that I could have devoted to my 2 year old daughter. I was miserable and disheartened. 

One day I met Deborah from the Angel Academy and explained my situation. She immediately took control of the situation and asked me to continue my education and not give up at all. She is my guardian angel. If it was not for her, I would still be struggling. Thanks a lot Deborah! 

Hi Debbie. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you did for me at the Academy. Because of your hard work on me I am now joining a 6* Cruise Ship as a Nail Tech, which is a absolute dream!
Hope you are keeping well and Academy is all good
Natalie Jobber
Thank you again xxxxx

Hi Deborah
Its Kym Axtell here, owner of Salon U. The Lady that sent Hayley Waddilove to you 18 months ago to do NVQ 2 Beauty. Hayley is an amazing Therapist. I am so impressed with the way she has been taught and her perfections with her work.


Nicoleta Jivoiu

I have found “Angel Academy” this year, through a simple internet research -“Fast track nvq3”. I thought the Price is really good and worth it to travel an hour and a bit for it.
At my first impression when I arrived at academy, it was a very warm feeling and Debbie made me feel very welcome. She is a very smiley, supportive and caring lady.
The course it is as it says – fast track! I managed to have all my assessments done in few days of tutoring then I completed the written ones and in the end the exams, which all together took me around 3 months.
Now I am applying for a new course with Angel Academy, as I know nobody else can deliver as well as Debbie!

The aim I am looking for is to be able to work in aesthetics fields sooner!
So, thank you Debbie and Loraine for your support and professionalism.
I have learnt a lot from Angel academy and I kindly recommend this company.

Nicky xx


I took four courses at the Angle Academy and found it comparing to other colleges very flexible, easy, and fast to complete. 

The teaching was simple and I had great guidance on finishing all course work. 

Other colleges took me much longer although they were fast track courses, and was asked to do tons of case studies and I had to buy so many materials, provide many models and countless unnecessary work. 

So if you looking for fast, flexible, affordable courses I highly recommend the Angel Academy

 Ps: the college atmosphere is very relaxing

It felt like being at home, and there was never more than 5 students at the time, which was great for one on one teaching 

 Linda Skaikar

Brand Ambassador 

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 The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training has a delightful ambiance and no matter whether you are studying for just a few days or longer the benefits of learning with others in such a relaxing environment enabled me too fully engage with the course material. 

Deborah Kelly is a true professional and master of her disciplines she has an uncanny ability to explain in a simple and easy to understand way how complex body systems work accelerating the learning process.  Before retiring from the Aviation sector I worked on hard and complex things on a daily basis and rarely enjoyed my training courses, however my training experiences with the Angel Academy have changed all that now and I would recommend Deborah Kelly and The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training to anybody who is seeking to learn a new skill quickly and in a superb learning environment.

Jonathan Spooner

 Thank you so much for the training and support you gave me Deborah, when I first came into your class I was very shy to talk because English is not my first language, so I was afraid to make mistakes. But you helped me and you gave me confidence and because of our Anatomy lessons my English has improved a lot, now I can talk in front of my colleagues and I am 100% confident.

I love the way you teach us how to do practical lessons. Doing with you my level 3 was the best choice I’ve ever made, because we are a small group I can learn very easy and improve my skills, I feel so free to put as many questions I need and in return you give us all your support and the way you explain things everyone can understand.

You are very professional and dedicated to your students , you became a model for me, and I hope in one day to became a great teacher as you are.

Thank you so much for everything you teach me and i m sure i will do more courses with The Angel Academy and I am 100% positive to recommend the school to my family and friends and anyone else looking for training excellence. Roxana Lupu

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