I founded the Angel Academy in 2003 after it was formed for TV shows one of which was Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew
It is now the most Televised Beauty School having been a regular on TOWIE
Three things make us unique:
It is based in my home making us able to offer up to 50% off current prices from competitors
We have over 200 courses and a 100% pass rate for Fast Track NVQ and UNIT accreditation and offer further training for free if required
We have donated to over 100 charities and are passionate about cultural diversity

A student reviews:

1 Why are you nominating this person?
She takes each student under her wings and spends time making them the person they believe they can be. She sees her students as her family and has established a unique training environment in her home which she did after working for so long in the superficial world of teaching… where there were sometimes 30 people in the classroom. She dedicates 7 days a week to helping her students and her love of teaching rubs off on her students who want to come back again and again.
She runs the only teaching school that offers every student the opportunity to come back and sit in the same subject class again and again until they feel fully confident and she selflessly promotes them on all of her social media as she wants them to be successful.
She has lots of techniques that she has created herself which she shares with students and her positivity rubs off on her students.

2 What have they done to inspire you?
She has made me confident of my abilities and given me the chance to believe in myself. I have met other amazing students and friends through the school and know that she will offer support even after the courses if I need it.
After suffering from severe eczema and agoraphobia for 10 years, and after having found recovery, she has inspired others by sharing her story publically and on television in the hope to offer encouragement to those who lack confidence and are suffering from long-term illness. She understands and relates to every creed and colour and has gone out of her way to train those with disabilities even if it means travelling to their home to train them!
In her late 40’s she has managed to become the most televised beauty tutor and beauty school. The press, TV and media are fascinated by her passion for her school and her recovery from illness and she is nearly always featured on a TV programme.
She has promoted her students, BABTAC and VTCT happily in all media as she likes to help others along the way too!

3 Why would she be a worthy winner?
She is humble and would consider what she does to be a normal day to day thing. She believes that she is here to help others, has a duty and is at her happiest when doing so. It would be nice for her to get some recognition of this as she never asks for anything back in return.

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