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Frequently Asked Questions
Please read the questions we get asked most frequently ... and their answers!

I am a mature student who has no experience of beauty and is looking for a career change. Am I too old?

Absolutely not, in fact, most of our students are Mums who have spent their time bringing up their children and want to tailor their job around their home life, or mature students wishing to learn a new vocation. Our Tutors are successful, mature women who offer support and encouragement.

There are so many courses offered by other schools around the country. How do I know whether they are bona fide?

Check their credentials and the accreditation that they are offering. If they offer only a 'Certificate of Attendance' then this may only apply for treatments on family and friends and therefore is not insurable.

A short course accreditation such as BABTAC or The FHT are fully insurable with most brokers. A VTCT/NVQ, ITEC, City & Guilds accreditations are Internationally recognised. These used to be the year long courses at the College.

The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training offers short course accreditation and 'Fast Track' NVQ and VTCT qualifications. We also offer a unit upgrade to an NVQ for all of our courses.

What happens if I study and do not feel confident?

The Angel Academy has a 'Mission Statement' which invites all students to attend a related course as many times as they would like free of charge until they feel 100% confident

Once I have passed and been certificated how can I promote myself?

As well as setting up a website and designing business cards and prices details, we are happy to promote our students on our social media. We get requests for treatments all of the time and are happy to refer you. Your success is our success!

How do I complete my written work?

With BABTAC, you will be expected to complete a small test of questions which you have learnt in your lessons and will be expected to carry out case studies at home.

If completing VTCT/NVQ courses, help will be given by your Tutor. Prior to the course you are asked to read the course prospectus thoroughly so that you know the Exact process of completing this course.

How do I know that I will pass?

The Angel Academy has very high standards and a 100% pass rate which we have worked hard to achieve. We ask every student to agree to our 'Terms and Conditions' when they book and pay their deposit. This is done so that each student understands the process of accreditation.

Why should I choose the Angel Academy?

We are unique. There is NO other school like us! We take a maximum of 4 students only (this excludes assessment) which ensures a structured, personal and unique way to learn where each student is encouraged to develop their own skills. Most of our students become friends and help to support each other.

Can I do as many courses with you as I can?

Most of our students return to do further courses. Once they have learned with us, they do not want to go elsewhere!

How do I know that a Tutor is trained?

Do your research and ask to see certificates or a C.V as and where necessary. If a Tutor is fully trained they will be able to issue VTCT/NVQ, City & Guilds, ITEC accreditations to name but a few.

I want to make this a memorable experience, how do I do this?

Make sure that you go to a teaching school that love what they do. Here at The Angel Academy we are passionate about our students, their training and there future career. Our Tutors love to teach you!

As I am mature, I feel nervous about attending a course

All are welcome at the Angel Academy. We embrace beauty and our students learn in a comfortable and friendly environment

I am concerned that I might not be able to do a 'Fast Track' course

We are an internet based company that offers a large reduction in course costs as we do not employ receptionists. Students can benefit from these prices. They will still need to prepare by reading the Course Prospectus thoroughly, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and understanding their expectations during their induction process.

There is a 3 year window of opportunity to complete so the only pressure that a student has is what they give themselves in terms of completion targets!

I am interested in studying my VTCT NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy with you. What do I have to do to pass the courses?

Your training days will teach you all of the practical and theory needed to pass this accreditation and an 'Angel Academy or AATT' Diploma will be issued (upon passing a small exam at the end of the day).
  • Once you have been registered with the VTCT, you will receive your NVQ pack which will include questions and assignments to work through to cover all the theory that you will need to know, this is studied AT HOME or AT THE ACADEMY (to be set by your Tutor).
  • Case Studies and further treatments will need to be carried out on models and other students to gain the experience you need, and this should be recorded using a 'treatment plan' with photographic evidence as and where necessary. In your workbook, there will be units which cover a wide range of conditions and clients. This criteria will need to be met.
  • Once you have completed the written assignments, case studies, and portfolio building (a folder to hold all the information with colour coded dividers), this is then cross referenced to your assessment book.
  • Once your portfolio and assessment book is complete, you will need to send it (we recommend recorded delivery just in case) or bring it to us here at the Angel Academy for marking. It is always an idea to keep a copy of your work for revision. This process will involve an Assessor/Tutor and an IQA so allow a minimum of 6 weeks for marking.
  • >If anything is missing, you might be asked to re-submit some additional information or case studies, there is no charge for this. If your complete portfolio needs to be returned to you, you will be charged postage at £8.00, unless you come to pick it up yourself.
  • When your portfolio is signed off, you will be invited to attend an assessment session. The first day will consist of multiple choice tests (depending on the units) and you will be expected to achieve a minimum of 70 % to pass the first part. The second part can be done via oral questioning and will take you to 100%. The multiple choice tests will either be by way of an exam paper or will be completed online with a computer/laptop. Following this you will perform a series of practical assessments. Here you will have to perform each treatment fully and in a commercially viable time for each unit that you wish to be accredited for.
  • The units you are being assessed on will affect the time you will need to be here so be prepared.
  • You will be expected to attend a session where an External Verifier will be here with us. As part of your supervision and accredited learning, this session will also have an Assessor, Independent Verifier and External Verifier. This is part of the examination process.
  • Your Portfolio

  • You will be given full instructions on how to put your portfolio together. If you work through the portfolio and assessment book step by step you will have completed all the necessary work to submit your portfolio to us.
  • Assessment Book(s)

  • An Assessment Book is given by the Academy which you will need to cross reference to once your portfolio is complete.
  • The Assessment booklet(s) will show you the Performance Criteria with a range which will need to be covered. Some sections of the booklets are completed by the Academy assessor and Internal Quality assurance verifier and others you will need to complete yourself once you have completed your portfolio. The pages you need to complete are known as the Range pages and the Essential Knowledge & Understanding pages (EKU).
  • The Essential Knowledge and understanding section in your assessment book(s) and your training manual(s) will help with your revision. The essential knowledge and understanding requirements highlighted in white are assessed by a multiple choice test paper. The manual(s) should have all you need in them to complete your assignments.
  • The Academy do offer help to complete your work-book or assessment criteria. This will be £10.00 per hour. A session needs to be booked in advance to guarantee a space.
  • Submission of Portfolios

  • Your portfolio can take up to 2 months to be marked and confirmation of this sent to you via email or text. Please send it by recorded or special delivery to us.
  • We are aware of the time you will spend on your portfolio and we will also need to spend a lot of time reading it and assessing it before we can put you forward for the next available assessment session. We hold assessment sessions every other month in our Academy. The sooner you send in your completed portfolio the sooner you will be allocated an assessment date.
  • The date and time of your Assessment visit (IQA and EQA) will be confirmed to you only after we have received your portfolio and it has been marked and signed off.
  • A student who has an assessment must attend on the assessment date given "unless there is a family bereavement or illness where a doctor's note must be shown". This is for external verification sampling purposes.
  • Depending on how many units you are being assessed on, you may be required to attend for 1 day or more!.
  • Assessment and bringing a Model or Client

  • Students must bring their own client, or another student, to work on (in special circumstances we may be able to provide a client but a charge would have to be made). The assessment will be carried out in a professional manner as if they were a paying customer and a nominal fee may be charged of £1.
  • Candidate's Handbook

  • This can be downloaded from the VTCT website:
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