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Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions in Essex & London

Our Eye Lash Extensions course has the edge!

This is an intensive but fun professional one day ABT NVQ AND VTCT COURSES, where you will learn about the application of individual lash extensions and complete course work and assessments in order to achieve a high standard of safe application in order to leave this course and start earning up to £80 per set of eyelash extensions.

As we use our own brand of eyelash extensions, we are able to provide this course much cheaper than you will find elsewhere. Many of the branded eyelash extension courses will charge more for the same certification with the same quality of eyelash. We can bespoke your eyelash extension kit to include our superior mink and silk eyelash extensions.

Our tutor is an actress who regularly wears eyelash extensions and applies her eyelash extensions to her colleagues. She has immense experience in her field and welcomes newcomers to the beauty industry. Her focus is to impart her extensive experience and knowledge about this treatment to her students.

During this amazing and informative one day diploma training course, you will learn the theory surrounding the correct application of lashes and the practical application which will allow you to apply individual eyelashes to a professional standard.

As we do not have to pay rent for a classroom, we are able to keep this price down to a minimum and we are proud to be able to offer such value for money.

Our other tutor is one of the most experienced in the beauty business, having worked in some of London's major colleges. All our tutors are experienced beauty accredited therapists who have excelled in their field, gaining assessor awards, teacher training units and, more recently, Internal Verification (IV) units.

Classes are small and friendly and most students stay with us to complete all other courses once they have studied with us.

Eyelash extensions are exciting new products which make your client's eyelashes appear longer, thicker and very natural.

Depending on whom you learn with will depend on the eyelash used but all students once they have passed the course can use a variety of brands depending on personal choice. The course offers training in the application and technique.

Eye Lash Extensions

Course Includes:

Different length and size eyelashes are provided during the course and there is no need to have to purchase a kit. If you would like to purchase a kit, please feel free to contact us to order a kit which we will tailor to your needs.

Students will be required to have only natural eyelashes for this course so that the individual lashes can be applied during the practical.

The lashes are made of a soft and curved synthetic material which bonds to a human eyelash. The curl can be bespoked according to your natural eyelash i.e. Afro-Carribean or Asian curl (different eyelashes).

Eyelash hair is quite fine, and the bonding agent is designed so that it dries soft, remains flexible and most importantly causes no damage to the client's natural eyelash. However it is very important to note that the Lashes must be removed professionally, or else damage can be sustained to the eyelash. This means that as an eyelash technician, you can earn revenue from both eyelash application and regular removal and top ups. We offer specific head gear magnification equipment which enables a better quality application.

Eye Lash Extensions

This is a fantastic treatment for clients to have before they go away on holiday, for cancer patients and for those who are concerned about the length or thickness of their own eyelashes. They can be used to highlight the eyes by using very long, thick, curled, or coloured lashes to create flattering and bold fashion statements. We can also apply flutter lashes to the corners of the eyes for a dramatic effect.

No experience is necessary so this course is open to absolute beginners or therapists looking to improve on their skills and techniques and to add a very successful beauty treatment to their portfolio, with a regular revenue stream.

Course Objectives

To prepare students for certification in Eye Lash Extensions, by covering:

  • Insurance and CPD Points
  • Client consultation Form
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Application of products
  • Aftercare
  • Removals
  • Maintenance
  • Practical demonstration
  • Practice sessions
  • Health and Safety and risk assessment
  • Personalisation of eyelashes


Certification will be awarded on completion of the course as well as 11 CPD points.

What You Need To Bring

Students will be required to have only natural eyelashes for this course so that the individual lashes can be applied during the practical.

What We Provide

We provide the lashes that are used during the course and you will have the opportunity to buy your own kit, see below.


The course last one day, usually on a weekend, so you dont have to take time out of your working week.

Dates and Costs

The course costs £225 including certification and lashes used during the course . We take payment via PayPal, most major credit/debit cards or cheque.

Please see below our list of upcoming courses. Click on the course for further information, request a call or email regarding the course or book now!

No courses scheduled. Please contact us regarding desired dates for private tuition.


Your only purchase after the course will be a roll of micro tape/gel pads, Tweezers, some steripods (sterile water), lash primer, mascara brushes and maybe a light or led glasses to increase your visual if working in a room with insufficient lighting. The lashes come in different colours, length, thickness and curl depending on your own eyelash and what it can reasonably hold.

Kits are available prior to the course, and contain the materials to make an immediate start as an eyelash technician. It is discounted to students attending the course and the glue, tweezers and remover would cost more if you purchased them individually. The kit provides a great way to continue your learning at home and also provides a good quality kit to continue to use with your new clients.

In this kit we provide you with enough lashes for 250 clients! That's over £20,000 worth of lashes based on charging £80 per client. Infills will be carried out every 2 weeks for roughly £40 and removal will need to be carried out by you too as the client cannot remove them theirselves. For this you could charge an hourly rate.

Eye Lash Extensions


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