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Electrical Facials Course

Electrical Facials Course

This course is becoming more popular than ever before due to the amazing electrical equipment now available at reasonable prices for salons and therapist.

An Electrical facial treatment can postpone early signs of ageing, improve the appearance of the skin and erase minor sun damage, scarring and pigmentation.


The course last two days, usually on a weekend, so you dont have to take time out of your busy week!

Please see below our list of upcoming courses. Click on the course for further information, request a call or email regarding the course or book now!

Electrical Facials with Upgrade NVQ Option25/06/20246/06/2024£599 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials with Upgrade NVQ Option219/07/202420/07/2024£599 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials with Upgrade NVQ Option229/07/202430/07/2024£599 InfoEnquireBook!
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Electrical Facials with Upgrade NVQ Option available upon request223/09/202424/09/2024£599 InfoEnquireBook!
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ABT accredited Electrical Facials course with NVQ unit upgrade available221/11/202422/11/2024£599 InfoEnquireBook!
ABT Accredited Electrical Facials Course with NVQ unit upgrade available212/01/202513/01/2025£599 InfoEnquireBook!

Course Objectives

Direct and Indirect High Frequency

This treatment can be performed directly or indirectly and can be used to heal, improve and clean the skin using an electrical current or frequency that alternates at over 100,000 cycles per second. The intensity of the current is controlled with a switch. The current is applied via a glass electrode. The therapist fits a suitable glass shaped head into a hand held holder which passes a current through to the glass electrode.

There is a small concentration of gas in the head which ionises when the current passes through the head (the head will glow in a colour dependant on the gas contained in it). This current stimulates the skin cells.


(a) Desincrustation

This is a deep, cleansing treatment that draws impurities out of the skin by softening dead skin cells and sebum. This is performed before the nourishing iontophoresis treatment. It has a softening effect called cataphoresis- which produces alkali (sodium hydroxide). The active electrode must be negative (the moving one). Desincrustation lotions are available as well as gels and lotions. These products contain ions with a negative charge which help the product to penetrate the skin. The negatively charged ions are repelled away from the active electrode and are attracted toward the positive charge of the indifferent (not moving) electrode. Effective on treating:

  • Greasy Skin - To deeply cleanse and kick-start sluggish skin
  • Dry Skin - To accelerate flow of sebum and remove adhesions
  • Preparation of skin for iontophoresis - allowing for deep absorption of products

(b) Iontophoresis

This allows products to be pushed deeper into the epidermis - anaphoresis. It allows for water-soluble products to be introduced into the skin. The effects depend on the product and the active electrode.

The principle is that like charges repel and opposite charges attract, to aid the penetration of an ionised (+ or -) active product. Many ampoules, creams and gels can be used for Iontophoresis and the effects can be quite dramatic. The penetration is best carried out later on in the facial when the skin has been prepared, so that the active ingredients will remain deep within the skin. This will help to the skin to produce more collagen and anti-ageing products can be introduced deeper into the skin than under normal circumstances.

Faradic Treatments

Commonly known as 'Electrical muscle stimulation' (EMS), it uses electrical impulses to contract and relax facial muscles in order to produce a tightening and toning effect on the muscles.

For this treatment the client does not have to participate. Electrodes are simply placed on muscles causing a contract and release impulse. This exercises the muscles 'passively' as client participation is not necessary in order for this type of exercise.

Although this seems an ideal way to exercise the muscles, treatments must be carried out at least 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks to achieve results. Top-up treatments will then need to be carried out once a month.

In addition to this, a skin-care regime should be facilitated along with facial exercises.

Micro Current

For a little while now celebrities and those in the know about anti aging have been booking themselves in to beauty clinics and spas for a microcurrent face lift.

A microcurrent facial works by applying gentle electric stimulation to the surface of the skin using fine dual prongs applied to various regions of the face.

Despite what you might think – it's not at all painful. You may experience slight tingling but most people find it relaxing and many actually fall asleep.

The use of electrodes to stimulate facial muscles is nothing new. The technology was originally developed to treat patients with facial palsy and in sport to give intensive physio for injuries.

Once the visible improvements in the tone and texture of the skin became apparent – microcurrent systems were also developed for the beauty industry. In recent years there has been increased consumer demand for non invasive methods of facial rejuvenation. A microcurrent facial became one of a number of treatments – like led light therapy and thermage – that could be offered to women seeking a non surgical face lift rather than conventional plastic surgery.

The technology has been thoroughly tested and results have been very impressive. It uses a low intensity, direct current that produces a low frequency electrical pulse of differing waveforms. Small impulses have shown to be beneficial in improving the appearance of the skin. A treatment, depending on the area treated will take between 30-60 minutes and a course is always recommended. For the best results, recommend once weekly for a 6 week period with one top-up a month for maintenance.

Vacuum Suction

It is used on localised areas of fatty deposits and cellulite, always working with the direction of the lymph vessels to the nearest lymph node.

To cause lift and stimulation of the under-lying structures you only apply vacuum suction treatment. The vacuum suction is aimed to improve the circulation of the lymph where lymph fluid are used to transports waste products and fatty materials of body metabolism and digestion.

When used properly, vacuum suction is a gentle and effective treatment, and so relaxing that the client should fall asleep when this treatment is being carried out! The only rule of thumb with vacuum is that you should work towards the lymph nodes, to reinforce the natural draining ability of the lymphatic system. Vacuum suction is effective when used in conjunction with other treatments, or it can be offered on its own, and good results will be seen in the skin's appearance after a course of treatments. It is equally effective on the body: the principle being the same, just with bigger cups.

Why Study This Course With Us

Deborah Kelly is a master in her field. Currently a professional trainer for spa and salon nationally and internationally, her specialities are anti-aging equipment. More recently the incredible 'Radio Frequency' and 'Phot-rejuvenation for giving the face a non surgical face lift with dramatic results. Techniques such as iso-metric action which lifts eyebrows, cheekbones and chin to produce the 'Anti-Wrinkle lift' makes her a very popular trainer and allows her to impart some of her wealth of experience onto her students.

The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training value their students second to none. Without them we would not have a business and we are passionate about training our students to the highest of our capability so that they can go out and run very successful businesses.

This accreditation will allow you to purchase 'electrical facial' equipment and have the knowledge and experience to do facial treatments successfully.


ABT accredited with NVQ unit upgrade for an additional £199


In order to complete this course, a student will have to have a Skincare and Facial certificate.

What You Need To Bring

What you need to bring along to the course. Towels, creams, oils, lunch!

What We Provide

We provide massage couches and machines for practising.

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