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The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Massage Courses - Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage
The course last two days, usually on a weekend, so you dont have to take time out of your busy week!
Please see below our list of upcoming courses. Click on the course for further information, request a call or email regarding the course or book now!

Indian Head Massage VTCT upgrade available113/08/202414/08/2024£325 InfoEnquireBook!
Indian Head Massage VTCT upgrade available217/09/202418/09/2024£399 InfoEnquireBook!
What is Indian Head Massage?
Indian Head Massage traditionally was an ancient healing process known to relieve headaches, stress and tension. Hair was strengthened and conditioned too with the use of certain oils. Today, the fashionable hair salons provide the use of Indian Head Massage as a means of relaxation, and it ' s popularity is increasing rapidly. On-Site practitioners now visit offices to provide treatments, bringing Indian Head Massage into our working day. In fact, Indian Head Massage is more than a massage, it is an overall healing therapy which involves chakra, colour and crystal therapy. Essential oils can be added to the scalp by a trained aromatherapist to induce a real state of well-being.

Benefits of becoming certified at Indian Head Massage:
  • Take Indian Head Massage to the employees in the large corporations
  • Incorporate it as an extra into existing treatments to give you 'the edge'
  • Many customers prefer to keep their clothes on
  • Very little workspace is needed. Just a chair!
How does it help?
  • It de-stresses the body restoring the body to a natural, relaxed state
  • It promotes hair growth, strength and texture
  • Improves scalp circulation
  • Eases aches and pains
  • Promotes clear thinking and aids concentration
  • Helps eyesight and tension headaches and so much more
Pointers For The Student
This is an instructive course held in an informal atmosphere. You will be treating as well as being treated, so please note the following: Should you have any medical condition, the tutor will need to be informed, especially the following:
  • Cancers
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent Surgery
  • Infections
Health & Safety, professionalism in Business, Therapist indemnity & Insurance will be adhered to and discussed with direction being given to the student.
Course Objectives
To prepare students for certification in indian head massage.
A BABTAC certificate is provided with an option to upgrade to an VTCT Level 3 accreditation for 149.
An anatomy and physiology qualification is required before studying Indian Head Massage
What You Need To Bring
What you need to bring along to the course. Towels, creams, oils, lunch!
What We Provide
Massage couches and a safe learning environment to learn in.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will my normal massage insurance cover me for indian head massage?
A. Yes, please refer to our Insurance page for further details

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