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VTCT Accreditation
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The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Therapist Insurance
Terms and Conditions
The Angel Academy Of Teaching and Training Terms and Conditions
This forms an agreement between The Angel Academy and you, the student. These terms and conditions apply to your booking a course place and any other matters arising from that application. Our aim is to outline our obligation to you and your obligation to us. Course dates and assessments may also be subject to change. No booking is taken without agreement to these Terms and Conditions online.
Processing of applications
  1. Applications can book via our website Or:
  2. Course bookings are processed on first come first served basis. Deposit is required in order to reserve a booking. At the time of booking you are asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions so that you understand this process. A deposit is non-refundable.
  3. To secure your place on a course, complete an online application form and submit to The Angel Academy with a deposit payment via Paypal where you will be given the option to pay by Credit Card if you do not have a Paypal account.
  4. You will be required to produce evidence of prior learning.
  5. The Application Form requires disclosure of any Physical or Mental Contraindications/disabilities in line with the ‘Disabilities Act’. Should a student fail to disclose, they are in breach of this policy
  6. The Angel Academy reserves the right to cancel courses up to 48 hours from the scheduled start if there are no course attendees. We apologise that it is not always possible to update the website to reflect this. Please contact us to ensure courses are going ahead as planned.
  7. If a support worker is needed/ESOL or Social Worker, we reserve the right to cancel/postpone or in isolated circumstances refuse a student (if we believe our safeguarding policy may be breached).
Deposit Payments
Deposits are non-refundable as we would have incurred administration fees. If 4 week notice is given prior to a course date, we may consider the transfer of a deposit to another course. This is at the discretion of the Angel Academy and their final decision. A GP or Hospital letter will need to be produced in relation to illness. For NVQ Modules. after registration, there can be no refund and no transfer. Registration of a course with the VTCT costs us a fee, ordering product kits costs us money and course work and manuals cost us money. The ‘Angel Academy’ may under certain circumstances hold over a deposit for the course to be studied within one month from the date change.
It is a responsibility of all students attending all courses to provide models to practise on. There will be a charge of £10 if you require us to get you a model which will be added to your invoice. Please see individual courses for details.
Transfer Policy
  1. A booking may be transferred for the same course subject to availability, free of charge if four or more weeks notice is given.
  2. If less than 4 weeks notice is given, you will incur an administration charge of £40.00. The Angel Academy is under no obligation to offer a transfer of courses. Once a course has been booked and a student has attended classes, no transfer or refund can be issued.
Cancellations Policy
  1. Cancellations made within 4 weeks of the course start date, and nonattendance, incur 100% of fees paid. If medical certification can be provided, the course will be transferred to a new date. Any subsequent course cancellation will incur a forfeit of all fees paid. The Angel Academy is under no obligation to offer a refund of any fees paid.
  2. For cancellations with over 4 weeks notice, a fee of £20 will be deducted from the refund of the full course price plus the admin fee specific for the course you are booked on, this must be submitted in writing by post before the refund is given.
  3. If it is necessary for a course to be cancelled or is unable to run, a full deposit refund will be issued within 14 days.
Transfer of Fees
If monies are transferred for an alternative date, they will be held for up to three months, after this time if no alternative date booked any unused fees will be forfeited.
Mission Statement
The AATT is proud to offer all students the opportunity to re-visit any course studied again FOC. This stands us apart from the rest. We are happy to offer a day ‘Refresher’ course where a student only requires ONE day of a multiple day course
Class Numbers
Class numbers are considerably less than other teaching establishments. We offer ‘Fast Track’ courses and a student must therefore be ‘able to’ complete a course of this nature in terms of: English Language, Written Assignment, ESOL and Knowledge.
Certificates are issued in the name stated on the application form. Certificates will not be sent if any fees are outstanding. Please allow up to 8 weeks for the certificate to be produced. The Angel Academy reserve the right to issue certificates when the student is deemed to be capable. Course attendance does not ensure automatic certification.
Exam Papers and Tests by Email or Post
It is our responsibility to issue exam and test papers to a student when promised. The student must allow up to 14 days for receipt (BABTAC accreditation only). The Angel Academy hold complete responsibility over when/how they conduct their process of testing a student and when we feel your level of knowledge and capability is certifiable.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for marking homework which is BABTAC accredited.
VTCT Portfolio and Submission of Assignments
After submission of completed assignments/portfolio, please allow 6-8 weeks for marking. This must be considered by each student prior to submission of work. If completion dates are set and the above timeframe is not considered, a student will not be able to complete. Once a Portfolio has been submitted, the Academy hold the right to keep the portfolio for legal purposes and other purposes it considers important for 6-12 weeks after completion. Plagiarism is not accepted and each portfolio will be checked during the 6-12 weeks before being returned to the student. The Academy hold the right to withdraw any certification if a student portfolio has been plagiarised. Each student needs to make allowances to either pick up their portfolio or pay the postage to have it returned to them.
The AATT are one of the ONLY schools to offer single unit accreditation for the all NVQ Level 2 and 3 subjects. The process of completion will be the same as the NVQ/VTCT guidelines in terms of passing and certification.
NVQ/VTCT Assessments
Whilst we appreciate that a student would like to complete in a specific timeframe, the Academy has a course criteria which each student agrees to upon enrolment. The course prospectus clearly states the process of how an NVQ/VTCT course is structured. An Assessment is carried out AFTER all lessons have been attended, and all Assignments, Written work and Portfolios have been completed satisfactorily. Upon completion, instructions will be given for Assessment and further for Exam dates. An assessment CANNOT be given prior to completion of the full course and its units. If a student fails competency of an assessment, they will need to perform another until deemed competent. Course work must be typed ONLY
Changes to Personal Details
It is your responsibility to ensure that personal details held by The Angel Academy are correct and to notify us of any changes e.g. name, address. Written notification of changes in personal details must be sent. If you feel you need additional support with particular learning needs e.g. physical disability, hearing impairment or literacy skills, please could you inform us of your individual needs when booking. We will contact you to discuss your requirements. If you would like to order additional kits, payment will be required in full. The Angel Academy holds a copyright for all course content, which must not be copied or reproduced in any other form without written permission. The Angel Academy has a dress code, where all students attending BABTAC are required to wear either their tunic and trousers or black T-Shirt with black trousers and flat closed toe shoes.
Course Changes:
If ‘The Angel Academy’ set dates, it is your responsibility to make those dates and they are not in any way negotiable. If you do not give sufficient notice that you will not be attending a course you will be expected to wait until the next suitable course takes place and we hold no responsibility for how long it may take to find a suitable date.
Course Criteria
Course criteria is taught in accordance with each student. If a student requests an upgrade to NVQ, the course criteria will be amended in accordance. If they later change their mind, the criteria is invalidated.
Course Days
If a course date is attended, a refund will not be given unless there was a failure to deliver the criteria as set out in our Lesson Plan and Scheme Of Work. This would be reported to the I.V for further consideration and review.
The Angel Academy are able to source Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair reduction machines at substantially discounted rates. Manufacturer training is given in accordance with the requirements and a certificate given to show that you have received the training. It must be stated that The Angel Academy are NOT responsible for your insurance. This you will need to source for yourself. Each insurer has their own pre-requisites and they may require that you have a qualification in Skincare and Facials and/or Electrical Facials and Electrical Epilation. As a Salon/Spa or Student, this is the information you will need to elicit from each company providing beauty insurance. Please ensure your insurance covers you for Product Liability. The Angel Academy will not be held liable for this.
Internet Based:
We are an internet based company and make this clear from the start. We offer subsidised prices for our courses due to this. We are not able to respond by telephone, email and text constantly as we DO NOT employ receptionists. All students are given an induction on the day of their training and are told what is expected of them. The AATT reserve the right to only be in contact as and where is necessary as during classroom hours Tutors will not be available. Each student will have a progression report completed on a regular basis along with an email trail to monitor progress. This is standard procedure
Course attendance is equated in terms of percentage. A student that consistently arrives late may not pass their certification if under 70%
All students are made aware that the cost of our courses is a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We are able to do this only by providing an online service. Once a student signs and agrees to this they accept our terms: Contact us by telephone or text if your enquiry is urgent, otherwise please contact us by email ONLY
(c) 2012 The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, UK.
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