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Amazing High Quality Bamboo 9 Piece Kit

Amazing High Quality Bamboo 9 Piece Kit

One Large, Two Medium, Two Small including FREE toe and Face Sticks!!

ONLY £199

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Hot stone massage tank and kit


Large 16 Quartz Hot Stone Tank with Accessories

65 Natural Basalt Lava Stones, Cold Marble Stones and Chakra Placement Stones

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Heated Holistic Bamboo Massage

Heated Holistic Bamboo Massage Course

Our Heated Holistic Bamboo Massage course has the edge!


The course last two days, usually on a weekend, so you dont have to take time out of your busy week!

Dates and Costs

Please see below our list of upcoming courses. Click on the course for further information, request a call or email regarding the course or book now!

No courses scheduled. Please contact us regarding desired dates for private tuition.

This is an incredible sports massage which will work the muscles more effectively and deeper than is possible with fingers. It is great for the Therapist as it saves you from conditions such as RSI and allows you to work the body with Bamboo Sticks that do all of the work without you needing to apply any pressure at all!!

Bamboo is found mainly in Asia, Africa and America and has over 1500 uses to date.

Long before paper was invented, the Chinese recorded their history on thin slivers of Bamboo. Indeed the Chinese have been using Bamboo for over 5000 years. It is currently used in:

  • Textiles
  • Industry
  • Water Processing
  • Landscaping
  • Transportation

It is interesting to note that Bamboo is found not only in hot, tropical climates, but in cold, mountain climates.

The history of using Bamboo to Massage remains clouded, but what we do know is that in 2004, a Therapist called Nathalie Cecilia from the US patented bamboo Fusion Massage, after substituting her fingers for bamboo sticks and rattan tools during Swedish Body Massage, to save the pain and strain in her fingers.

Other popular stories exist of Ayurvedic Medicine and a Bamboo Massage which utilises the five elements called "Tian Di", and an interesting alternative which started in South East Asia with a Therapist observing two monkeys happily massaging each other using bamboo sticks!

Since then, many massage routines using Bamboo sticks have been formulated. One of the most effective appears to be "Heated and Holistic Bamboo Massage", created and formulated by Deborah Kelly, Principle of The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training. This bespoke therapy combines cryotherapy with thermotherapy for maximum benefit. A heated pad warms the bamboo, specially formulated bamboo oils nurture the body and completion with a cold bamboo applications, offers an amazing kick-start to the metabolism, fast removal of toxins and a general uplift and feeling of well-being. Combining moves from shiatsu, acupressure, trigger point tapping (removal of knots and fibrous adhesions with direct movement) and pyro-electricity (said to be generated by Bamboo sticks), the beneficial results are said to be quite profound.

Contra-indication include: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Osteoporosis and Thrombosis. Always seek medical approval if you are unsure.

Bamboo Massage can be adapted according to the clients requirements (gentle and slow or more vigorous and upbeat). A full treatment should take ONE hour and preparation should be made 15 minutes prior to treatment to heat the bamboo and prepare the environment.

If you are an existing Massage Therapist, an FHT Bamboo Massage can be taken over two days (usually a weekend), and at The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training, a full set of Bamboo sticks can be purchased along with the course. For further details please contact us.

The bamboo is wrapped up and heated. This allows us to nurture our clients with a feeling of warmth. We mix our own essential blends that will bring the mind, body and spirit into balance, and these are used during the massage.

The bamboo is able to retain heat and to repel bacteria. Similar to Swedish and deep tissue Body Massage techniques but designed to penetrate deeper with less intense pain than one may get from standard percussion moves.

We combine the power of touch with the sense of smell, the sound of bamboo tapping and cryo-therapy (cold towels) to kick start the Lymphatic system to finish the treatment.

Combining percussion and deep sport massage moves with gliding, gentle effleurage strokes provides an intensive cardio-vascular work out for the circulatory system. Different lengths, sizes and shapes, each bamboo stick has an area of the body it best works. Starting at the toes, the bamboo is used to massage the entire body finishing at the face.

75% of all diseases have their roots in stress. It is not just important for the body to relax but also for us to nurture our brain. Bamboo massage gives us a sense of unity, essentially as it has its roots in the earth and has a grounding effect on us, bringing our innate sense of nature and balance back.

Special Offer - Bamboo Massage Course Special

This is a brand new craze from the US which has recently arrived in the UK. Having carried out a workshop recently at CAM EXPO, Bamboo Massage is fast becoming as popular as Hot Stone and is commanding great prices for a treatment (£60 for an hour)

The students will be taught the following:

  • How to cleanse the bamboo sticks
  • Different sizes and textures of bamboo
  • How it is heated
  • Bamboo massage application
  • Benefits of using bamboo
  • How to attract new business
Bamboo Massage Bamboo Massage Bamboo Massage

BAMBOO KIT OFFER: One Large, Two Medium and Two Small available for only £199

Our Bamboo is grown in this Country and manufactured to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Problems with hollow bamboo has been that it can crack when heated and is not very robust! Our bamboo sticks are not hollow and are rounded off with no sharp edges. This allows you to do trigger point work pushing the ends into areas of tension to disperse fibrous adhesions and knots and nodules.

Bamboo Massage Kit

Amazing High Quality Bamboo 9 Piece Kit

One Large, Two Medium, Two Small including FREE toe and Face Sticks!!

Course Objectives

To prepare students for certification in heated holistic bamboo massage.


Put details of available certification here and what is required to achieve certification e.g. case studies etc.


What are the pre-requisites for attending this course. You will need to have taken a course in 'Swedish Body Massages' before you can attend a bamboo massage course.

What You Need To Bring

What you need to bring along to the course. Towels, creams, oils, lunch!

What We Provide

We provide bamboo massage kits which are grown for us in this country, heated pads, oils and couches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my normal massage insurance cover me for bamboo massage?
A. You will need to check this with your insurance provider.

Q. How do you clean the bamboo after use?
A. You can clean the bamboo using cotton wool and surgical spirits.

Q. Do you supply the heating pad?
A. Yes we do! Contact us and we can arrange delivery.

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