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The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Speak To A Specialist
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The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Angel Blog
The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Therapist Insurance


Please read below some success stories from the Angel Academy

Perfection Beauty Rooms Salon Training Perfection Beauty Rooms, Burscough

Open Quotes Well after 2 days of fab training I now have the certificate which will enable me to make all you customers even more beautiful than you already are!! Thanks to the very lovely Deborah Kelly from The Angel Academy in Essex who has the true ability to be professional, helpful and informative and has made me feel confident to start nonsurgical facelifts and microdermabrasion in Perfection Beauty Rooms! – Abi Greenop owner of Perfection Beauty in Burscough, Lancashire Close Quotes

Kemplinski Berlin Spa Training

Hotel Adlon Kemplinski Berlin

Deborah is a very professional trainer showing a high level of competence. I appreciated very much her flexibility as due to sickness and operations we had to work a little bit around the original training plan. The training was very individualized, concentrating on all individual strengths and needs.

Oxley Blue Fish Spa - Testimonial

Reflexology Training with 'The Angel Academy'

Deborah Harwood

Oxley's Blue Fish Spa's:

Oxley's at Underscar in Keswick, Cumbria

Oxley's at Ambleside in Ambleside, Cumbria.

As a Salon Manager for Oxley's at Underscar, a Health Spa located in the picturesque Lake District, we offer a huge range of Services and Products to give the best possible treatments. We have 25 5* Timeshares situated Under Skiddaw, with our amazing private facilities for the tranquillity and well-being for our guests.

As part of our treatment list we offer a wide range of Holistic treatments including Reflexology, when it came to searching for further training in Reflexology I found it difficult to decide on a company. As a result of this I contacted various different training academies/institutes to get all the relevant informa!on and prices.

I was contacted by Deborah within a couple of days which was extremely helpful. Hearing of Deborah's standards of training and experience in Holistic Therapies was delighting, we started discussing my options for the training. As we needed to train 6 Therapists, the cost for external training was becoming too high, most of the courses available with other companies were up to £750 per person.

Deborah was extremely helpful and willing to help as much as she could, so we spoke about the possibility of In-House Training and she was more than happy to do so. The cost for up to 6 Therapists was £1500 which was absolutely amazing, we covered the cost for her accommodation which was no price to pay for her kindness.

After speaking to Deborah I had been given other quotes for In-House Training but these were no where as acceptable as 'The Angel Academy'. Although the price was lower than anywhere else it was in no way by standards, this made it easy to make the decision to go ahead with the training. We booked the training for Monday 8th August, this consisted of 3 days of intense Practical and Theory training. Each Therapist was supplied with 2 Manuals and a foot chart, these had all the information they would need for the course and also to support them once they were doing the treatments. Deborah was always punctual and has a lovely attitude towards the training being performed. She was soon loved by all the staff, which I feel improves the quality of learning. The certificates were given to each Therapist on completion of the 3 days course, which meant we did not have to wait any longer.

Overall I am so pleased with the entire process from the enquiry to the end of the training. It was nothing short of brilliant, and I would not hesitate to recommend 'The Angel Academy' to any Salon or Spa requiring Holistic Training.

Polly Graham
Salon Manager
Oxley's at Underscar
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The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Nina Bishop - Success Story Deborah Kelly is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the beauty / therapy industry. I have learnt so much from Deborah and will continue to attend the Angel Academy to extend upon my own knowledge. I have also made some great friends over the past few years at The Angel Academy and attending these courses has always put a big smile on my face so all I can say is roll on the Hot Stone Massage course in the New Year.

The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Simon - Success Story Really enjoyed my time at the Angel Academy, great fun!

The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Lorraine Lollypops - Success Story Had a fantastic day learning Heated Bamboo massage (workshop at cam expo 2011), can't wait to see you there in 2012
The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Blue Fish Spa, Polly Graham - Success Story Read what Polly Graham from Oxley's Blue Fish Spa, Keswick, Cumbria has to say about the Reflexology training they received from the Angel Academy. Click picture for testimonial.
The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Francesca Scott - Success Story I saw the videos on my news feed - good refresher so thanks for that. I have done a couple of facials so far and had great feedback and I have bought loads of products now too. I have a lady booked in for a hot stones massage followed by a facial on Monday so it's great to do as a package!! I really enjoyed the course so thanks again and maybe I will see you on another course soon xxx Francesca Scott
The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Fig Cacau - Success Story What can i say excellent !!! Very detailed course and excelent teacher... Still open mouth about my hot stone tank so happy about it...thank deb looking forward to do more courses xxx Fig Cacau
The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training, Loughton, Essex, London - Tara Fairy - Success Story What a great course. Thanks I learnt so much and what a lovely lady too. Hope to see you again some time. Tara Fairy

GARETH PRIOR - WOW had a fantastic weekend of learning and will certainly be back soon for more :)

Hi Deborah, thank you so much. I want to thank you again for a great weekend and it was pleasure to meet you. Good luck with everything
Julie Taylor

Hi deb,
Getting on fine with massage and just putting word out at the mo to get some work, got a few people to practice on if i need to refresh at any point lol,
I would be interested for the courses you do but at a later stage so I can get going with this and earn some money to make for the course and bits and bobs, i would not go to anyone else except to you to train me up as i think ur a great teacher and very wise. So when I've got the cash I'll be in contact with you so dont worry.
Eddie (Student)

Brilliant!!! Well done on the Groupon deal too, better to be busy busy! I'll give you cash on pick up then if that's easier... I am well up for hot stone course anytime soon! Would love to be qualified by summer for that one. X x x

You're a sweetheart, thank you for being so kind. looking forward to being your student soon. By the way hope you have a lovely valentines day and wedding anniversary. God bless. x

Hello Debi,
Getting the chance to do the Hot Stone massage course was awesome. It was splendid enviornment to work in. Thank you for all the kindness, help and support you have given me during and after the course.
My mum was over for 3 days and I carried out the Hot Stone massage on her, she was a little shy at first,she thought it was unusal.. but she loved every part of the massage.... she was impressed. Thank you again for your time.
P.S. Can't wait to see you this weekend for the Reflexology course.
Love Ini. XX

Hey Deb,
I had a great time on your swedish massage course and have been practising ever since. Hubby is loving it!
I learnt some fabulous techniques from a great teacher, felt really comfortable with everyone on the course and generally had a really good weekend!
I am really looking forward to the reflexology course, learning some new skills and spending some more time with you.
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